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St. James Global advises South African tax residents on all aspects of international financial planning. Whether you have existing offshore assets in your name (e.g. bank accounts, share portfolios and properties), including trusts or structures – that might need specialist fine-tuning – or whether you wish to look at worthwhile new offshore investment opportunities, St. James Global is ready to assist.

You may already be dealing with a trusted local financial advisor and, although satisfied with their advice, wonder what St. James Global could additionally offer you? Not all financial advisors are sufficiently experienced or qualified to offer and service offshore investment portfolios. St. James Global can provide you with an independent specialist opinion to confirm, identify, facilitate or elaborate focused offshore investment options, for your greater peace of mind.

With the rand depreciation against major international currencies, coupled with a local scenario of political uncertainty and a weakening economy, we offer you a complimentary review that targets diversification into the global economy to unlock and secure your family’s best future.

In our 5-Stage Advisory Process, we:

  1. Gather information which remains confidential and render advice.
  2. Establish the offshore structure – Secure asset protection.
  3. Establish a letter of wishes – Secure succession planning.
  4. Transfer and consolidate assets – in cash or in specie.
  5. Restructuring of assets – depending on your risk profile.

* The SA Exchange Control Act currently allows the international transfer of R10 million per annum per person.

Our clients are typically retired or approaching retirement high-net-worth South Africans and expats that seek a low to medium risk financial investment over the longer term.

St. James Global is an authorised financial services provider (FSP no. 45184) & Member of GlobalNet · one of the largest international networks of independent financial advisors, operating in over 45 countries with over 150 corporate members.